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We have been cleaning carpets for over a decade now in the Lancashire area and have many repeat customers. Our focus is always on providing exceptional customer care to our local clients as well as, offering a professional service at a value for money price. We know that having your carpets cleaned is much more than just a maintenance clean and as a paying customer you expect the best and we promise to deliver on that!

Take Care Of Your Carpets!

1: Protect your carpet
Place barrier mats to trap
soiling walked in from outside.
Identify sources of soiling inside
your premises; Canteens,
Restaurants, Vending
Machines, Workshops etc.
Isolate them by fitting barrier
matting or barrier carpet.
Prohibit eating, drinking and
smoking in carpeted areas.

2: Remove soiling regularly
Identify your cleaning
needs and formulate a regular
and thorough maintenance
schedule with your cleaning
staff or cleaning contractor.

3: Tackle spills early
Encourage staff to report
spillage & stains immediately,
and respond to the problem
quickly. Be prepared, ensure
that suitable stain removal
materials are readily available,
that staff know where they
are and how to use them.

4: Professional help
Locate a reputable
professional cleaning
company, ask them for
references. Provide them with
details of carpet specification
and construction,
Obtain guarantees & agree
price quotations in advance.

5: Health and safety
Train staff, be aware of
chemical content of sprays,
shampoos and cleaning fluids
etc. Follow manufacturers
instructions. Inspect equipment
regularly, assess any hazards
and take adequate measures
to avoid them.

More useful information about carpets

Draught marking

Carpets may show increased soiling around the edges of a room, under doors and near air ducts. This is called
draught marking, filtration soiling or fogging. It is caused by the pile fibres filtering out dirt particles from the air
blowing under skirting boards or doors, or from ducts.
It is very difficult to remove and really the job for a professional cleaner.

Pile reversal

Pile reversal, also known as shading or – wrongly – watermarking, is the effect whereby areas of cut-pile (velour
or velvet) carpet appear to become lighter or darker in colour than the surrounding area, depending on which
the angle you look at it.
It is an optical effect, brought about by localised changes in the direction of pile lay, and made visible by the way
light is reflected off the carpet surface.
It is caused by traffic patterns or unevenness in the floor, but it is NOT a carpet defect.
Loop pile carpets are not affected by pile reversal.


Occasionally tufts may appear above the surface of the carpet.
Do NOT pull them out, but cut them level with the surrounding tufts with small scissors.

Colour change

The carpet may change colour over time for a variety of reasons, usually due to pile flattening, gradual soiling and
slight fading of the dyes used to colour the fibres.
A good professional cleaning will usually restore the carpet’s appearance.
Fibre loss
Many newly installed carpets, particularly those with a cut (velour or velvet) pile, tend to lose fibre during the first
few weeks on the floor.
This effect, called fibre shedding or fluffing, is caused by the way the yarn is spun and the carpet is made. It is no
reason for alarm, but a natural phenomenon, which will stop eventually. Just vacuum the carpet a little more
gently for the first few weeks and empty the dust bag or receptacle regularly.

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