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If you are looking for an expert carpet cleaner in Preston then look no further than the Master Carpet Cleaners. It’s Master by name, Master by nature when it comes to cleaning your highly cherished carpets, rugs and upholstery in your home and our operators will make sure you are completely satisfied with your clean! With decades of know-how and trained to the highest order, our staff will deep clean into your carpet pile to leave it clean, fresh and deodorised again.

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Expert Carpet Cleaning

If you have not had your carpets or upholstery cleaned before you maybe wondering what the process is like ….

Well to start, we will have a phone conversation to determine the price before we start. When we arrive we will walk the job through with you to see what type of stains and soiling your carpet has and to explain to you the best possible method for your situation.We will first vacuum the carpet if needed and then pre-spot the stains. A solution of pre-spray made to the correct strength for your problem will be then sprayed on to the carpet, especially on the high traffic areas like hallways and in front of sofas. We then use an agitating machine to work in the solution and after waiting 10 minutes for it to dwell we start the hot water extraction system to clean deep down into the fibres.

After cleaning and inspection the carpet is then tested to see how dry it is. This will depend on the original state of soiling but in most cases the carpet is just left slightly damp after cleaning because of our powerful vacuums on our machines but will be forced dried if needed by our powerful carpet dryers!


Great prices


1 Room = £45
2 Rooms = £69
3 Rooms = £85
4 Rooms = £99
5 Rooms = £119


1 Bedroom House = £95
2 Bedroom House = £119
3 Bedroom House = £ASK
4 Bedroom House = £ASK
5 Bedroom House = £ASK


*Hallway, stairs & landing = call for price
*Upholstery – 2 Seater = £35 & 3 Seater = £45
*Rugs - Small = £10, medium = £15, large = £20

*Vehicle seats = £30 | vehicle carpets = £30

“Amazing Results And Affordable Price!”

“I must admit I was surprised with the results by Master Carpet Cleaners. The carpet and rugs look almost like new again!”
preston carpet cleaners
Mark Hampson, Preston

“A Really Friendley Local Company!”

“I like to use local companies and I’m glad I found this local company because they did an amazing job. Very friendly too.”
Lora Crispworth, Fullwood

“They Removed All Of The Carpet Stains!”

“I had my carpets cleaned and what an excellent job they did. Every stain in my carpet was removed so thank you.”
preston carpet cleaning company
Jenny Topper, Ribbleton

The things we do best


You will find us to be friendly and polite from the very first phone conversation.

Eco friendley

We care about the environment so wherever possible we use eco friendly products!

Free Quotes

We do not charge for quotations and can usually give you a fixed price over the phone.


We can clean carpets for commercial business and specialise in cleaning office carpets.


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Many people in the Ribbleton area of Preston choose Master Carpet Cleaners to clean and refresh their carpets… so why do they choose us?


Well, first of all, we are always polite over the phone on the initial call to give you a quotation! All quotes are free and fixed for your peace of mind. We will ask you a number of questions to ascertain the correct pricing policy for cleaning your carpets or upholstery.


Customers also like our carpet cleaning maintenance plans…


Regular maintenance and periodic cleaning will increase the life span of a carpet and also greatly contribute to maintaining its good appearance. Cleaning should be proportional to the amount of soiling to which the carpet is subjected – the more dirt is deposited on the carpet, the more intensive the required maintenance programme has to be. To appreciate the reasons why carpets are cleaned in a particular way, it is essential to know what makes carpet cleaning necessary in the first place – soiling. To understand why certain cleaning or maintenance techniques are used in certain locations and on given types of carpet, it is necessary to know something about the relationship between the available cleaning systems and different types of carpet.


There is a distinct difference between cleaning and maintenance:


*Cleaning is the removal of accumulated dirt and is generally carried out when needed;

*Whilst maintenance is a planned procedure, started on the day the carpet is installed and on-going to retain a carpet’s good appearance.


Carpet & Rug Cleaning


If your carpet or rug needs an overall clean we would always recommend calling in the professionals rather than attempting to clean it yourself. Carpet cleaning is an unregulated business; anyone can buy a carpet cleaning machine and without any training or experience start advertising themselves as a professional carpet and rug cleaner. For this reason, Master Carpet Cleaners has set up a network of cleaning companies throughout the Preston area, including Ribbleton, Holme Slack, Deepdale, Fullwood and the Grange areas, with the experience and knowledge required to clean your carpet or rug.

Spillages and Stains


As with many fabrics and soft furnishings, spills of everyday liquids such as red wine or hot drinks will stain and can be difficult to remove. The key to dealing with stains is to act quickly. Liquids (particularly hot liquids) must be attended to immediately. If allowed to cool or dry, the stain can be almost impossible to remove. Care must be taken as poor attempts at spot cleaning can cause permanent stain setting, pile distortion and loss of colour.


Avoid carpet cleaning chemicals sold for home use many of which contain bleaching agents which can discolour carpets, or leave a sticky residue which will attract dirt and only amplify the stain. Please see the following guide on how to deal with a stain and minimise the damage to your carpet or rug. As all carpet fibres react differently it is very important that you know what your carpet is made from… call our local landline number today for advice!

Great results


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